My Story

As an optimist – I feel enthusiasm is key in getting anything done! I firmly believe tomorrow will be brighter than yesterday and the key to that is to be the spark that lights up today.

Having lived and worked across time-zones, I have amalgamated ideas from different cultures and geographies that have influenced my evolution and interactions. A foodie by default I will go out of my way for the promise of eclectic and premium vegetarian cuisine.

Photography is another hobby that both inspires and excites me as it provides a playground for experimentation. Post processing is the current arena I am playing in to heighten and further my creative instincts.

Professionally, after two decades in the healthcare industry it has become an all-consuming passion to seek out any “Opportunity to provide Better Healthcare for all”. New technology that propels preventative care and allows safer reproducible treatment excites me!

Fortunate to have worked with some of the brightest minds across the world – I take pride in my network that propels me to stay ahead in the game.