Digital Medicine – The Most Compelling Opportunity in Healthcare

Telemedicine is commonly mistaken for simple video consulting, but this interface is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the years telemedicine, its services and operational framework, has evolved into a sophisticated medium that resolves many logistical and functional challenges in the medical realm.

Sadly, without any global, national or even local paradigm to assess medical software, the market is full of competing software’s with absolutely no standardization. This invariably leads to fragmented workflows between internal and external stakeholders, affecting quality of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and suboptimal clinical outcomes – things that actually make a difference. 

For more clarity, a patient from Ranchi coming to Delhi for superior treatment still has to carry a hard copy of his entire medical history and explain to the doctor the sequence of events and symptoms in his own way. The doctor’s assessment is dependent on his takeaway from that narrative and the papers he is given. This is cumbersome and error prone!

If instead, there was a synchronization between software systems used by the doctor at Ranchi and Delhi, the doctor could get all the data he required by the simple click of a button. This way he could give his patient the best and most well informed treatment possible. 

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission provides great impetus for healthcare technology companies to contribute to the creation of a digital health locker system where each patient’s information will be stored. Integrating different systems presents the biggest near-term opportunity for stakeholders in healthcare domain.

The challenge is how to create systems that talk to each other in a compliant manner and simultaneously enable clinicians to show better patient outcomes without compromising security and privacy.

At Cloudphysician, we have built a platform that makes digitizing ICU work flows easy and effective (paperless). We help bedside teams reduce potential medical errors by sharing real time information to physicians and other clinicians enabling better clinical management.

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