Hopes For My Daughter 

Let us use 8th March as a day to redefine our world. As my young adult learns to negotiate life at a  foreign university I hope my wishes for her find resonance with others who believe in creating a new and more equitable world order.

  1. I hope you experience diversity in a way that promotes curiosity and fuels you to create an inclusive worldview. The more you read and travel the more expansive you will be. Backpacking and budget travel is the best way to see the world. Make reading a daily habit.
  2. I hope you embrace the new order of life as you mingle with the best and brightest, in the tech enabled world. Simultaneously don’t forget the power of small talk with friends and family. This is the best and free therapy that no one publicizes.

  3. I hope you will find a way to pay it forward. Ensure you share your resources in the community and work to uplift people. Remember to also keep checking on your family and friends back home. Sometimes they may not be able to ask you or tell you that they need support.

  4. I hope you will take complete responsibility for your health – both mental and physical. Health is the main wealth – you will understand when you are on the other side of 40 . For now- trust me 😀

  5. I hope you will help redefine inclusivity. It might have started with gender but is much broader in scope. Lack of access cuts across LGBTQ / Education / Race / Religion / Experience even Age. I hope you connect with the humanity underneath the labels.

  6. I hope you use your perspective of having lived across developed and developing countries to help resolve larger issues and be a two-way spokesperson in your domain. Unless your privilege helps a larger group your growth will be limited.

  7. I hope you will continue to laugh at life because it can be funny. Be energetic, lively and live large the way you do. May your effortless candour thrive because that’s the most brilliant part about you.


  1. Pearls of wisdom ! This goes for all the kids far or near … ask , accept , acknowledge, acquire ,accomplish, accommodate and excell ! You can do it 👍


  2. Pearls of wisdom and how well communicated to your girl.Infact a lesson to be shared with all across ages.Wish Soumya the very best and may her father keep posting more such lessons for life.


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