I was bitten by the photography bug back in Boston, when my wife Shilpi gifted me a Canon DSLR Camera set 

You Tube tutorials and random coaching sessions from more experienced friends, colleagues whose work I followed and learnt from, I was hooked to how much experimenting can be done with the play of light and technology. Image Processing using Lightrom CC by Adobe Is my current tick.

Patience, persistence, appreciation for detail and concentrated focus are some of the key skills I feel photography has been able to enhance for me. An openness to variations in perspectives and possibilities is also a skill that motivates and excites me as I look to the future of my ‘me time’ with the camera.I can safely say that this is a space which has given me many ‘A-ha’ moments.

While I continue to experiment with my shots both on and off my travels, my thirst for different perspectives pushes me to explore as many nuances as I can pick up. I share some of my work @sandeepbothraphotography

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